“Great Service begins with building Great Relationships”
 Born and raised in Brooklyn New York that is one thing I learned early on. Great service is really about building great relationships. Every store we shopped in the owner knew our name, knew exactly the cut of meat my Mom liked or the bread and cookies we picked up after Church on Sunday from our favorite bakery. Those relationships are what made growing up in Brooklyn awesome, and attributed to my success in Business. 
I relocated to Florida in 1991 and began my career at Walgreens, working my way up into management. I never forgot the importance of building relationships and the effect it has on service.  Over the next 22 years I built a reputation of providing great service through training my staff to build those relationships. Getting to know our customers is what set us apart from anyone else. Those relationships are the ones I remember the most and which I will always cherish. How does the saying go “You do not meet people by accident”, everyone we meet is a lesson or a blessing? 
After I retired I became a substitute teacher for Polk County and then in Hillsborough County when my husband and I moved to Tampa in 2014. I enjoyed my time teaching and again met some incredible people but was looking for something to utilize all my experience. Real Estate seemed like the perfect fit, what better way to build great relationships and help people. 
I am married with 4 grown children and 8 grandchildren. My husband is retired from the Army where he served 24 years. 

I studied Business Marketing and Digital Media at Polk State College
I am a freelance photographer